A Global Leader In Access Control Innovation

Vanderbilt is a global leader in creating state-of-the-art security products and systems encompassing access control, intruder detection, CCTV and integrated security management. Our innovative approach to design is central in manufacturing and distributing systems that make environments safe, secure and easy to maintain.

With products that range from single-user systems so simple that they can be installed in one day to highly customized applications that fit the unique requirements of leading multi-national corporations, Vanderbilt always goes beyond what’s expected and our highly qualified service teams ensure customer satisfaction extending years beyond the initial installation.

Vanderbilt provides security systems used in dozens of industries: banking, telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, legal, accounting, government and more. The thousands of systems installed throughout the world attest to the effectiveness and dependability of our components. 

We help security professionals maximize revenues while improving customer satisfaction thanks to our core qualities of agility, determination, flexibility and ambition. Our long experience in cultivating an excellent distribution network, strong installer and integrator relationships as well as managing significant key accounts makes us a unique player and ideal partner in the industry.

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