Tips & Tricks Webinar – How to Create and Execute Lockdowns in SMS

SMS – How to Create and Execute Lockdowns

When it comes to lockdown policies and practices, each facility tends to have its own, very customized way of managing these scenarios.  Learn the different ways of accomplishing Lockdowns within SMS and how to program them to meet your specific needs.  For instance, do you want to initiate a Lockdown through a push button, card reader or through the software – maybe a combination?  Should certain cardholders be granted ‘pass-through’ permissions in a Lockdown state? Join us to learn how to program, group and execute Lockdowns (applies to SMS v 5.39 and above).


Date: Friday, July 7th
Time: 11 am EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Audience: Vanderbilt SMS Certified Dealers and End Users


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