23 Jan 2019

Intrusion Detection 2019 Trends: A Look at Vanderbilt’s Priorities

For many organizations across the world, intrusion alarms and detection are at the center of their focus for establishing a comprehensive security plan. And the numbers support this: The European perimeter intrusion detection systems market alone is set to see growth at a rate of 15.7 percent annually through 2024, due in part to the growing demand for video surveillance, remote access via the cloud and wireless technology to help enhance security systems.

At Vanderbilt, we’re looking forward to watching and contributing to the intrusion detection market in the new year, as we expect to see growth and evolution in various aspects. We caught up with John O’Donnell, Product Manager for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Intrusion Detection Solution for Vanderbilt, about the trends we’re seeing in the market now and in the future:

2019 Intrusion Detection Trends

Perhaps the biggest trend across the security industry — and especially for intrusion — is the increased adoption of cloud-based systems as a means to achieve comprehensive and flexible protection for an organization. The benefits speak for themselves: remote alarm management, more connectivity and a greater ability for operators to streamline security operations. Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect has delivered on the promise of providing a cloud-based SaaS model that gives end users flexibility and interconnectivity that’s a vital extension of their daily business. Vanderbilt continues to invest in cloud-based solutions across both its access control and intrusion product portfolios, following the demand it’s seeing in the market today for these kinds of products.

Shift from product-to-service focus

While a continuing trend, we’re seeing a big shift away from manufacturers being solely product-focused to being able to offer solutions that support customers working as a service-based company. And there are many businesses moving in that direction. This encompasses the idea that today’s organizations want more long-term partnerships rather than “one and done” purchases with no real value in continuing the relationship. Some might argue that security in general has typically been more service-based, but this trend is really taking off as one of the major developments in recent years. 

Increased connectivity - Intrusion Detection

Within intrusion and beyond, there’s certainly a trend toward all devices becoming smarter, interoperable and interconnected, and we can look toward the focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) as the source. Customers demand the ability for their intrusion detection system to work seamlessly with and talk to their access control, fire detection and video management systems in an effort to implement an integrated security solution. Vanderbilt has introduced a number of integrations for its SPC Connect intrusion detection system, including full interconnectivity with the ACT Enterprise access control solution that has been very well received by customers looking to do more with their systems.

More communication

With increased levels of connectivity comes the demand by customers to enhance communications across devices and teams. Vanderbilt is developing a new wireless portfolio that brings two-way communication to the forefront through a cloud-based system that utilizes the same interface but can be programmed either onsite or remotely. This will be a powerful tool for installers that has already begun to roll out, but will have additional functionality introduced in the coming year. It is part of a concerted effort to push as much information out as possible, including more support from installers and dealers for end users, more videos that provide guidance for usage and setup, and the integration of our products through Web-based training.

Vanderbilt has a huge advantage in the European market with regards to intrusion products and services, and O’Donnell says, “We have the presence and market knowledge required to deliver projects across all regions in Europe, so when customers come to us, they know we’re a trusted partner that can provide the direction and solutions they need to achieve high levels of protection.”

We look forward to continuing this trend throughout 2019 and witnessing the aforementioned concepts truly manifest in the intrusion market as methods by which organizations can take their security solutions to the next level.