8 Aug 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Intrusion Detection Systems

For those new to the security industry, many technologies and terminologies are available and widely used, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Today we’re going to focus on one technology, intrusion detection. You may find yourself asking a few questions: what is an intrusion detection system, and what sets a high-quality system apart from the rest of the bunch?

For starters, an intrusion detection system is a security system that picks up any unauthorized entry on a monitored site, enabling security teams to decide how to react accordingly, be it an audio warning or direct intervention via the authorities. In short, their primary goal is to prevent any significant damage from occurring to staff, visitors, or property on a given site.

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So what makes a high-quality intrusion detection solution? One of the most significant advantages of a high-quality intrusion detection system is integrating with other software and hardware forms.

By combining the system with other technologies, brands can broaden their markets and reach by diversifying the system’s functions, making it a valuable tool for multiple types of organizations across various markets. For instance, intrusion detection systems are often paired with access control systems and surveillance systems as an efficient way for security personnel to ‘cover all of the bases’ with one all-comprehensive design in order to better manage security operations on any given site or across multiple locations.

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Another sign of a high-quality intrusion detection system is its ability to manage its systems from the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are on the rise in the security industry, with cloud-based access control, surveillance, and data storage becoming increasingly popular, and intrusion detection is no exception. With the ability to manage access control, intrusion detection, and other security systems from the cloud, end users may wonder why they didn’t switch to the cloud sooner.

Many intricacies go into making a high-quality intrusion detection system, and ACRE is ready to address any questions that may come up. For more on intrusion detection systems, visit us here.