20 Jan 2022

How Access Control Can Protect Transport Deliveries

Warehouses and logistics centers often encompass large-scale operations with several buildings spread over large areas. Many doors and gates need to be secured, while it should also be easy for staff and visitors to load, unload and distribute goods. But another vital section of this security block is access control to carparks and loading areas where delivery trucks come and go consistently throughout the day, seven days a week.

Here, Vanderbilt deliver a very highly functional integrated solution for the transportation sector. That is automated number plate recognition (ANPR) with their ACTpro access control system. ANPR, also referred to as NPR (Number Plate Recognition) or LPR (License Plate Recognition), is a camera that can read the vehicle license and send a numerical representation of the license plate via a Wiegand interface. 

Vanderbilt has integrated its ACTpro software with ANPR solutions from Dahua and Hikvision to provide customers and partners with new options to combine analytics and access control data. With the integration, users can connect license plate recognition cameras to the ACTpro access control system controller.

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“The conversion from the license plate to a card number is now done through software within the ACTpro system,” Michael Byrden, Business Development Manager for Access Control at Vanderbilt. “Suppose you have a license plate number consisting of digits and letters. In that case, the ACTpro system connects it to a card number, and the license plate camera also makes that connection.”

This feature allows users to use the system for parking management easily. Instead of setting up a card reader, stakeholders can set up a camera that reads the license plate, which will open the barrier for access. Warehouses, airports, train stations, offices, and parking lots can benefit from this application to optimize parking, pre-book deliveries, manage vehicle flow, and conduct random vehicle checks. 

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“It’s a super example of integration between access control and video,” says Byrden. “It is ideal for warehouses, depots, supermarkets – anywhere, where you might need to track the number of deliveries coming and going throughout the day or week. How many trucks left that morning, how many came back – that type of detail is critical for transport and logistic centers. There is also substantial loss within distribution centers. The truck may take the wrong container, or an unauthorized driver gains access to the compound and leaves with a valuable container.

There are considerable cost-savings and security benefits with the ACTpro-ANPR integration for businesses in the transportation and logistics sector.