19 Sep 2022

ACRE Launches Feenics Cloud Solution for UK and Irish markets

ACRE International has officially launched the Feenics cloud solution! With this launch, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to providing customers with scalable, cyber secure, and sustainable products while providing an excellent user experience (UX) with value-based solutions in various verticals.

The Feenics Solution

Feenics is a cloud-first solution that offers users scalable and flexible performance from anywhere in the world. Built on open architecture and fortified by the security, disaster recovery, and redundancy of Amazon Web Services, Feenics provides advanced encryption and is trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations such as Asana, Krispy Kreme, Transport America, and many more. Here are a few main features that Feenics offers:

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High-Performance Capabilities

  • Feenics’ robust feature set allows you to customize and optimize your security operations.

Cyber Secure

  • Feenics is hardened on multiple fronts, so you can sleep easy knowing your people and data are safe.


  • Feenics balances security and performance with convenience and ease of use.


  • Feenics’ open architecture design and REST-based API provide interoperability like no other in the industry.

The above only scratches the surface of what the Feenics solution can do for your organization. Learn more about Feenics here.

How the Cloud Benefits Organizations

Access control has seen a significant transition over the last few years; the introduction of the cloud has significantly impacted organizations in almost every area: Business functions, data storage, shared workspaces, and security.

According to a recent study by Markets and Markets, cloud adoption will keep increasing and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.3% between 2021 and 2026. Likewise, according to Gartner’s research, 95% of information workloads will be hosted in the cloud by 2025, which has increased from 30% in 2021.


Organizations looking for longevity, sustainability, and environmentally friendly solutions in their security infrastructure should seriously consider the cloud. Cloud solutions have been proven to help reduce an organization’s carbon footprint. Besides the numerous benefits for both users and integrators, organizations that embrace cloud computing and storage solutions can decrease the emissions of running applications. In some instances, this can be reduced by 90% compared to using on-premise solutions.


The cloud provides endless options for scalability. For instance, what if an organization has multiple sites? This can become a problem with on-prem solutions, as numerous access control systems would need to be set up individually, each operating independently. This can be time-consuming, as well as costly. However, with the cloud, access control systems in multiple locations can be managed and operated remotely from the same device, virtually anywhere, on any device. In addition, by switching to a cloud-based solution, organizations don’t have to rely on IT team members to correct all system malfunctions, given that providers can maintain the systems on their end, allowing IT workers to focus more on hardware problems at their respective building.

Lower Costs

Cloud-based systems offer companies the option of a lower total cost of ownership. When compared to on-premises systems, the cloud can save organizations money by negating the cost of data storage on-site, the cost of powering extra hardware, and unnecessary on-site servers. Traditional on-premise systems are considered a CAPEX line item, and upfront investment is required. A cloud-based solution is regarded as a OPEX purchase or operating expense that offers many advantages and ultimately depends on the package selected. By moving access control to the cloud, none of these costs that come with operating on-prem are present, and all of these costs are covered in one fee from your cloud provider.