7 Jan 2019

ACT Enterprise: Smartphone app offers ultimate flexibility

If, at random, you observe a group of people in public today, there is a high possibility that despite each other’s company, they could all be absorbed using a smartphone device.

Given the success of the company’s SPC Connect and ACT365 smartphone app’s, the addition of a smartphone app into the ACT Enterprise suite of tools was a natural progression. In keeping with the mantra of customer-first, the addition of the ACT Enterprise smartphone app responds to the mobile-first world that today’s society has become. 


Suprisingly enough, the term “smartphone” originated as far back as 1995. However, the first true smartphone actually made its debut three years earlier in 1992. It was called the Simon Personal Communicator, and it was created by IBM more than 15 years before Apple released the iPhone. 

Smartphones are called as “smart ” because, they provide information right when you need them and can present them in a more useful way. This is accomplished through applications. Their focus was to provide cellular connectivity between two of these devices to let people talk with each other wirelessly.

“With the ACT Enterprise Apple and Android compatible apps, if someone is remote and they want to open a door or they want to grant somebody access, real-time monitoring, user management, and administration are all possible through your smartphone”, outlines Ross Wilks, Head of Marketing Communications at the company.


The smartphone app offers ultimate flexibility for users in any application environment and ensures convenient connectivity to the system day or night. Key holders no longer need to visit their premises out of hours. Thanks to quick access to the pulse of the system, notifications, cardholders, and doors actions can be administered from the palm of their hand.

“When it comes to market trends and agility, it is Vanderbilt’s mission be adaptable and dependable and bring value to the customer. Therefore, we absolutely look for additional opportunities when monitoring the next generation of technology,” explains Wilks.

Technology is changing how society thinks and communicates. With new generations of workers and consumers coming onto the playing field, their expectations on what they expect from a company and their technology will be smartphone orientated. Vanderbilt’s ACT Enterprise smartphone app is just one more positive step in this direction by the global security manufacturer.