18 Sep 2020

ACT Enterprise: Check out the latest customer testimonials

The system comes with a suite of features such as a rules mapping engine, PoE Ultra controllers, and integration with Vanderbilt’s intrusion system, SPC.

A flagship of the Vanderbilt access control portfolio, ACT Enterprise consistently receives high-praise from its customer base.

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Read the latest reviews to roll in for the product:

I would describe ACT Enterprise as excellent. The system’s best feature is the ACT Manage, which is very easy to use for end-users. ACT Enterprise also has great technical support when needed. I would highly recommend using it.

  • Graham Wheatley, Engineer, Catch Security Systems.

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I would describe ACT Enterprise as the best Access Control Software on the market. We love the new COVID-19 contact tracing. As our customers are already using ACT Enterprise, this feature is easy to add-on and provides a valuable extra service that we can offer our customers. With minimal effort we can utilize our customers RFID readers and take away the hassle of manually doing contact tracing.

  • Joe Lawlor, Owner, Safewatch Security Systems.

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ACT Enterprise is very easy-to-use. In one or more words I would describe it as excellent. My favorite feature is the rules mapping engine. ACT Enterprise has helped me solve monitoring backup generators on site for faults using the rules mapping engine to send alarms and trip alarm sounders.

  • Christopher O’Reilly, O’Reilly Alarms Ltd.

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Vanderbilt’s ACT is an access control system that meets complex requirements despite simple system architecture. Ingenious!

  • Stephan Ruchti, Managing Director , Siedler Alarm GmbH (Switzerland).

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