9 Sep 2019

The ACT365 app: Convenience in a Modern World

The ACT365 app is based around convenience for the user. Ever randomly observed a group of people in public today, and found that despite each other’s company, they could all be absorbed using their smartphone?

Therefore, it is only a natural evolution that the security industry has transitioned the ability of managing simple, everyday tasks based around your site, to the power of your smartphone. Vanderbilt’s ACT365 app is no different and has responded to the mobile-first world that today’s society has become.

For instance, the ACT365 app allows installer or end user to quickly and efficiently manage different aspects of their system, such as:

  • Easily see any current issues
  • View all configured sites
  • Add new ACUs
  • View and operate configured doors
  • View and operated configured cameras
  • Manage Cardholders
  • View Recent Events
  • View Muster Report
  • Available for both Android and iOS

Let’s take a closer look at some of these key features available through the ACT365 app, shall we?

ACT365: Muster Reporting

From the main site dashboard, tapping on the “Muster Report” button will take you to a real-time muster report. This will detail to you a list of all people currently checked in to the site.

The ACT365 muster report gives security campus a real-time list of all students in the campus accommodation building. When students exit their accommodation, and swipe out, the muster report automatically updates. If someone is missing, campus security can check cameras and call them directly by clicking on their name in the dashboard.

Site Events

From the main dashboard, tap on the “Events” button will take you to a summary transaction log. From here, you can view a list of recent transactions that include Door Forced, Controller Online/Offline, Access Granted, and Tamper States for Controllers.

ACT365 keeps audit trails of who is in the student accommodation by monitoring and recording fob activity. ACT365 produces diagnostic reports on door status and can investigate situations such as door forced, door ajar and break glass activation either locally or remotely.

Site Issues

Additionally from the Customer Sites screen, you can also check for any open issues across your sites. By clicking on the entry in the list, this will take you directly to the site in question.

If an incident should arise in the student accommodation, ACT365 links events at doors through video footage so campus security can quickly identify and react. Live and recorded footage can be viewed remotely and footage can be used in evidence.

ACT365: Convenience in a Modern World

Simply put, the ACT365 app helps deliver convenience to the user. It deals directly with pain points at the heart of every business – time and money. Now, once difficult tasks that are capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button. This deliverance of ultimate control is an important context. In the 21st century, with smartphone technology embedded into our everyday life, nothing is now more valuable than our time. Essentially what security smartphone apps boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. The ACT365 app can help installers saves time and money and bring peace of mind to the end user. A “win, win” all around.