14 May 2020

ACT365 Software Release Enhances Functionality and Efficiency

At Vanderbilt, we know that end users expect continual improvement and exceptional support when it comes to the security technology in which they invest. We always aim to produce high-quality products and services that we can be proud of, which requires extensive knowledge and experience as far as understanding the unique needs of the industry.

Frequent product updates allow us to seamlessly push new functionality to end users, which aids them in efficiently and effectively achieving their safety goals. We’re committed to continuously enhancing systems in an effort to deliver best-in-class security solutions.

The latest example of this can be seen in the recent updates to ACT365, our cloud-based access control and video management solution. With ACT365, users can stay connected to their business from anywhere at any time with the ability to remotely manage single or multiple locations from one interface.

The new features and software enhancements to ACT365 include:

  • Lockdown can now be initiated from the ACT365 web portal, card reader or contact input.
  • Twin Users (Two Man Rule) support enables access when two valid cardholders present a credential within 10 seconds of one another.
  • White List Card support is now available, which is commonly used to provide emergency personnel full access to a site.
  • Purge Log Events feature allows cardholder access history to be purged from ACT365, per site or cardholder.

More information and details about the update can be found on the Vanderbilt Partner Portal under the ACT365 Technical Memo 2019-12 and Release Notes.

These advancements further demonstrate the ability of ACT365 to provide a comprehensive and reliable security solution for users looking to protect people and property. The cloud-based solution facilitates easy day-to-day operation and management as well as a quick and seamless response to emergency incidents with increased situational awareness.

Vanderbilt is proud to leverage its core values of agility, dependability and adaptability to consistently augment devices and systems for the best experience possible for users. If you have any questions about this software release, please contact Vanderbilt Cloud Services US via email or Technical Support at 855-316-3900 Option #1.