24 Jun 2020

ACT365 Tools & Updates: QR generation and reader

QR code systems offer a convenient and cost-effective method of maintaining order and flow within the workspace.

QR codes can be issued from the existing access control system to visitor’s mobile phone granting them access to office, retail unit, or club.  They are easy to use as all you need is your mobile phone or access card with the QR code and the QR code reader. Codes can be regulated to visitors to keep track of what resources are being used within the facility.

How does it work ?

After scanning the QR code, the reader sends the unique data captured in the code to the service provider. If the data in the code links up with the QR code reader’s data, it grants access to the individual who scanned the code. The QR code system can be integrated with an existing access control system. This allows for a more secure and controlled environment, as access is only granted within the operator environment.

Health & Safety

Because the user uses mobile devices, the system is on hand and avoiding physical contact with any devises. The issue of QR codes is electronic thus avoiding one to one interaction with security operators.