2 Mar 2017

An Industry In Change

“Control via mobile apps is on the increase. It was scarcely possible to imagine being able to control surveillance from your pocket using the yuppie cell phones with antennas of the 1990s,” says Andreas Di Meo, Product Manager at Vanderbilt.

“With this in mind, it’s important to keep an eye on the world around us. Who knows, the next technical advance we incorporate into our products could come from the gaming industry. This is the type of openness we try to have in the development of our products, not least Omnis.”

Integration is Just the Beginning

The latest version uses MIFARE & DESFire technology and is compatible with Aperio, which allows wireless door leaf readers. Another new feature is the compatibility with Vectis iX, which supports up to 250 IP cameras. The integration with Vectis iX also ensures traceability at a very high level. If an installation is exposed to external damage, it triggers event activated recording. If doors or windows are broken, the system automatically generates a recorded video clip that provides additional information of the event.

Omnis Futureproofed

“Today, Vanderbilt offers a variety of systems that will be continuously improved and made more interoperable. In this way, our customers will never have an out-of-date system, we are simply taking care of the investments they have made,” explains Andreas Di Meo.

“It also allows us to move more quickly and means that all our resources can work towards the same goals. You could compare it to Nokia vs. iPhone. Nokia had a product for each function while Apple focused on a single product that could do it all. The benefit to the customer means that they have access to the most cutting-edge technology we can offer, which includes the use of mobile apps, where we are leading the way in the industry. We only see the use of mobile devices increasing in the future.”