9 Aug 2017

Benchmark Innovation Win Proves ACT365’s Power

ACT365’s latest triumph, a win in the Access Control Software category of the Benchmark Innovation awards, has fuelled excitement around Vanderbilt’s cloud-based solution.

The cloud is one of the most heavily talked about topics in the industry at the moment and the magazine’s nod demonstrates ACT365’s enormous value to installers. Benchmark believe that the future lies in the creation of innovative and smart solutions and their awards seek to recognize manufacturers that deliver innovation.

So, what is the secret to success for Vanderbilt’s access control and video management solution? 

Simply put, ACT365 offers the installer simplicity and ease-of-use. ACT365 aids the installers’ job for simple and quick installations and performing maintenance tasks remotely. When managing ACT365, the installer can view its interface from any internet-ready-device. Valuable details such as controller status, system health, possible tampering incidents, door forced, and door ajar are provided remotely, avoiding the necessity of on-site call-outs.

This deliverance of ultimate control is an important context. In the 21st century, with smartphone technology embedded into our everyday life, nothing is now more valuable than our time. ACT365 hand delivers this invaluable commodity through its all access installer app for smartphones and tablets.

What is exciting about ACT365 is its ability to unlock productivity.  ACT365’s software is dedicated to a simple mantra - adaptability and flexibility. Miles on the road eat up time. ACT365 technology helps ease this situation.

Although the cloud has been on the horizon of the security industry for over a decade now, it is only since its full integration into other industries, that a foothold has begun to take hold in this market. The cloud certainly has momentum in security and there is plenty of reason to stay excited about the future of ACT365.