9 Mar 2021

Vanderbilt’s latest best-selling webshop products

The Vanderbilt webshop was launched in the summer of 2019 and has since gone from strength to strength for the company.

The shop represents thousands of products and seamlessly connects existing customers with the ability to browse and purchase content at a moment’s notice. Specially designed with user experience in mind, the store operates from an intuitive user interface.

View some of our top selling products at the moment:

ACT10 Codelock – 2 Doors, 10 Codes, 2 Groups

  • (UK webshop): The ACT 10 digital keypad supports 10 user PIN codes with two output relays. It is a durable unit made from vandal-resistant die-cast zinc with backlit stainless-steel keys. This multi-purpose keypad caters for interlock, fire alarm input, and door monitoring. Browse now.

SPCK520.100-N Compact Keypad

  • (Swiss webshop): The SPCK520.100 compact LCD smart control panel with touch key technology, 4 softkeys, and navigation keys enables easy operation with minimal steps. Status information, menu navigation, and any further operating steps can be clearly seen on the large graphic LCD display. In the idle state, the customer logo, emergency, or quick setting functions can be displayed. The integrated loudspeaker improves comfort through voice announcements. Various mounting options and accessories enable flexible use. Browse now.


  • (Swedish webshop): card reader with a modern, attractive design in robust material can withstand the most demanding weather conditions. A light frame with a multi-color function enhances and clarifies the reader’s functionality as the user can choose the color based on the event. OSDP and Wiegand connection that supports MIFARE card technology, including EV1 and EV2. Browse now.

ACTpro-1500 Door Controller

  • (Norwegian webshop): The ACTpro-1500 is a single-door IP Controller with a dual-port Ethernet switch. The ACTpro-1500 controller supports 60,000 users, 2,000 User groups, door station technology (ACTpro-100 and ACTpro-120), and wireless locks and is ideal for a single door or systems that need to grow to thousands of doors. Browse now.

SPCK420.100 LCD keypad.2x16

  • (Irish webshop): The SPCK420.100 LCD keypad provides the user with an iconic interface to control the security system. Its 32 characters blue backlight display and keyboard allows control under all lighting conditions. Navigation of the intuitive menu system is achieved using the central navigation key. The keypad features soft keys and alphanumeric keys that directly allow contextual key operation and data input from the keypad. Browse now.

SPCN320.000 Mo2dulo GSM, antenna

  • (Spanish webshop): The GSM/GPRS SPCN320.000 module can be assigned to any mobile network by inserting a standard SIM card. The modem is compatible with all panels in the SPC range. It connects directly to the main motherboard eliminating the need for additional cabling. The unit comes with an external antenna that fits into the cabinet. The modem communicates with an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)/Central Control Station using standard protocols in format (SIA, Contact ID) or IP over 2G / 3G (FW3.8 or later) to the SPC Com XT alarm receiver module. Browse now.

SPCV310.00 Audio Satellite

  • (German webshop): Microphone-loudspeaker module for audio alarm verification. The SPCV310.000 can be connected as a slave to the SPCV340 / 341/440 extensions. This enlarges the acoustic verification zone. Browse now.

WMAG Wireless Magnetic Contact Slim

  • (Austrian webshop): The WMAG is a slim and stylish radio magnetic contact that can be integrated into the SPC system. The placement of the magnets on the left or right side is supported by a high-precision hall sensor. Thanks to the strong adhesive tape, it can be installed immediately at the desired location. Settings such as monitoring duration and LED behavior can be configured via the firmware. Browse now.

BLUE-D Bluetooth Reader, OSDP, Keypad

  • (Danish webshop): Vanderbilt’s Bluetooth Readers range is a secure and flexible identification solution bringing access credentials to Android and iOS smartphones. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is transforming the future of access control. It removes the need for a physical card or tag. Simultaneous support of smartphones and a wide range of smart cards bridge the gap from traditional access credentials to cardless mobile access control and seamless integration into existing locations. Browse now.

PDM-I12T PIR AM detector

  • (Finnish webshop): MAGIC motion detector PDM-I12T is impressive with its modern and elegant design. Its style is suitable for all installation situations. Together with the enhanced Visatec algorithm, its patented MAGIC mirror provides reliable detection of intruders and the highest false alarm immunity. Flexible installations can be carried out quickly and error-free due to features like the Auto Walk test and the new End-of-Line concept (EoL). Browse now.

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