3 Jun 2021

Building Comprehensive Protection in the Modern Retail Environment

The retail landscape is consistently changing and evolving and many of the changes we’re seeing today are due to new technologies designed to streamline operations. The increased connection of devices and technologies has created opportunities that enable retailers to leverage advanced solutions to mitigate loss, enhance the customer experience, and streamline operations.

Beyond new capabilities, retailers have a great deal to protect. Whether you own a small shop or manage a multi-story shopping center, you need to ensure a secure space for employees and customers. At the same time, you must also protect inventory and prevent fraud. But since stores vary significantly in size, scope, and security requirements, what is the best approach to building a holistic security and loss prevention program? No matter what type of retail environment you’re managing, here are some best practices to consider when developing a robust security program:

Role Management

Access control solutions provide retailers with the ability to restrict access to high-profile assets, further decreasing retail shrinkage. A central database also enables businesses to manage access for employees based on work schedules, ensuring only necessary personnel are entering the building.