23 Feb 2021

How to configure an access control system

If you are looking to build a security system for controlling the access of authorized and unauthorized personnel or visitors to premises and property, either commercial access control, gate entry system, or any other site access control, you’ve come to the right place.

Vanderbilt’s ACT access control solutions are role-based, scalable, and available as either on-premises and cloud-based systems, supporting all vertical requirements. Incorporating advanced feature sets such as video and intrusion integration, we aim to help protect people, property, and assets.

We know how important it is to design a security system that fits end-user needs, to be at the same time simple to install and maintain, regardless of your access control experience. This is why after months of listening to what security installers expect from a complete access control system, we came up with a straightforward tool that allows you to select products compatible with the specifications of your system, delivering a calculated kit list that includes everything needed for the project, that you can buy or quote online. Moreover, the Kit List Builder Tool provides direct links to technical documents and the option to download additional assets, such as images.

If this sounds like an excellent tool for reading this article, why not try it out, and build your bespoke access control system. Get started with the ACT Kit List Builder, and let us know what you think!

Choose the right access control products for your project

Door Entry Systems

ACTpro access control systems are scalable from 1 to thousands of doors and can be configured using the customer’s existing IP infrastructure, with either Ethernet ports at each door or RS485 wired communication between doors.

ACTpro Door Controllers

A highly flexible, scalable access control system designed to facilitate demanding requirements for any size of organization. Ease of install and use are key features in the product design. To ensure ACT is easy to quote and install, both door controllers with and without onboard PSUs are available.

ACTpro Door Stations

The ACTpro door stations facilitate expanding additional doors on the ACTpro controller and connect to the ACTpro controller via RS485. The IO Module described below allows the controller to be used in applications where signaling to other equipment is required.


This product is an 8 Input/8 Output device that allows the ACTpro controller to be used in applications where signaling to other equipment is required. All IOM Input/Output Module configurations are performed from ACTpro. Examples of this are elevator control, alarm systems, CCTV switching, and general monitoring.

Card Readers

Because of the multitude of card readers available on the market, it’s sometimes challenging to identify the system that best matches your client’s needs. With the Kit List Builder Tool serving also as an Access Control Product Finder (not only a system quotation tool), you can also explore the compatible options for your specific project.

  • Smart Card Readers
  • Proximity readers
  • Cotag Readers
  • Bluetooth Readers
  • Biometrics Readers

And this is not all. We also provide a Reader Compatibility Chart that shows what Vanderbilt systems are compatible with each reader type.


Security installers can create and manage Bluetooth credentials independent of the access control system with VCredential, the cloud-based credential management platform. Through VCredential, all Vanderbilt systems, including ACTpro, OMNIS, ACT365, SPC, and multiple third-party partner systems, support Bluetooth readers and accessories. Read more about VCredential

Access Control Software

Vanderbilt provides top-class role-based access control software that streamlines the installation, management, and monitoring of your access control system. Our software solutions are based on trusted technology that enables you to scale from smaller to large complex deployments and multi-site solutions.

Role-based access control configuration and rules mapping

ACTpro is the role-based access control software suite for ACTpro hardware. It streamlines the installation, management, and monitoring of the access control system. The rules mapping engine simplifies the management of alarm events and automated responses and actions, allowing control actions to be managed through an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Plan your access control system with the NEW Kit List Builder