6 Apr 2017

Control Your Future in an Instant

Vanderbilt SPC has always provided customers with future-proof, high-performance technologies that deliver advanced functionality. With SPC Connect, it continues that legacy.

In the security market, time is money and having to install large amounts of software or undergo site visits to perform tasks can slow down your workload and impact your wallet. SPC Connect is a solution that directly tackles these issues and will empower your business as a result.

This latest development is a hosted cloud-based solution designed specifically for installers to monitor, manage, and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location.


By logging in via username and password, you can access the full programming function of any SPC panels or perform operations and status checks across groups of systems, instantly and remotely. As this removes the physical need to visit a site, it delivers control to the installer, thus saving time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from site.


The pay-as-you-go nature of SPC Connect means that businesses only pay for what they need. Therefore, this can significantly reduce the costs associated with purchase and installation of traditional software solutions, as well as the ongoing costs associated with maintenance and upgrades. For a lot of SPC installations, all SPC Connect requires is a browser connected to the internet.


As an installer’s business grows and they need to add more users, rather than investing in additional in-house server capacity and software licenses, they can adjust their monthly SPC Connect subscription as required.

Once again, this focus on instant access and remote management highlights SPC Connect’s ability to save time and money for the installer and ultimately benefit their business long term.


End users can download the SPC Connect app free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This provides them with an interface that contributes clearer arming and status information. All of the user’s interactions through SPC Connect are secured with financial grade SSL security, giving peace of mind alongside powerful control.