22 Mar 2022

Editorial: ACT365’s Lessons from the Pandemic

As restrictions begin to lift around the globe, it looks as though we may finally be able to put the pandemic into our rear-view mirror. 

Throughout the past two tumultuous years, ACT365 showed our customers the benefits of remote access control during a pandemic.

Moreover, the Software-as-a-Service aspect of ACT365 has clearly appealed to both installers and end-users alike as a means to meet their everyday needs. With every feature we add our target market increases. We’re starting to see that cloud-based security has something for everyone. As I have said here before, accessibility is the currency that ACT365 deals in.

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For instance, at present, we’re witnessing an emergence of interest in using ACT365 to protect rental and vacation properties due to ACT365’s speed and swiftness in managing access from anywhere in the world.

It’s essential to manage access in a building with various users, including employees, guests, cleaners, and more. With ACT365, you can have complete control of all features from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to monitor events, remotely unlock doors, and even disable users. There are various ways in which this can be actioned, namely via mobile credentials, PIN codes, or QR codes.

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After a busy week of Bluetooth discussions with customers, it is clear where the market is heading and has been for some time. If not specifically for the technology that goes behind being able to just present your phone to a reader and be granted access, then perhaps for the sole fact that there is value-added in the aesthetics that they offer our end-users as well.

The release of our VCredential (our cloud-based credential management platform that offers users the ability to create and manage Bluetooth credentials) into ACT365 software will no doubt open the minds to our consumers that we are consistently doing everything possible to increase ACT365’s value all the time.

*Learn more about ACT365 with our quick how-to videos. Watch our quick two minute video on “how to look at the live stream footage in ACT365.”