31 May 2021

Exclusive: Francofa Eurodis on Recent Accleration of the Cloud

“Whatever the crisis, the cloud allows business continuity thanks to the remote mode of operation,” so begins Frederic Maille, Director of Marketing, Client & Business Development at Francofa Eurodis.

Maille is responding to whether the pandemic may have permanently changed the way end users approach security, particularly their attitude toward cloud-based solutions. Maille continues: “It allows, in fact, to remotely manage a multitude of tasks and sites, whether it is access control or video surveillance, in a simple, fast and autonomous way with dynamic and holistic management tools.”

Maille notes that many customers were certainly still suspicious of cloud-based solutions before the pandemic, in particular whether they were viable to privacy compliance and protecting sensitive data. However, the pandemic accelerated the embrace of the cloud out of a necessity to work from home and monitor and manage business premises remotely. 

“Nevertheless,” Maille continues, “ensuring the security of the cloud remains a real challenge. But its adoption permanently installs new uses such as teleworking and considerably simplifies the use of fallback solutions in a crisis. 

“The cloud is becoming utilitarian and optimal, and the health crisis has undoubtedly had an accelerating effect in France, even if there is still a little way to go to convince everyone.”

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