14 Sep 2017

How Vanderbilt delivers first class acoustic glass break detection

What false alarm immunity really does is bring peace of mind, a component that is essential to businesses whose assets must remain on central display 24/7.

Consider car showrooms as a notable example. These businesses might seem like low hanging fruit after hours for potential thieves. Think about it. Rows of expensive and powerful cars lined up one-by-one, with only a layer of glass visibly shielding them from the outside world. In banks, prized assets are securely stored in safes and vaults but with car showrooms, in order to make that cash in the first place, the assets need to be on display to sell.

It is in security scenarios like this that products such as Vanderbilt’s AGB800 and AGB800-AM fit perfectly. The aforementioned models are the latest state-of-the-art acoustic glass break detectors for monitoring one or more areas of glass – ideal to car showrooms, but also to large office spaces with a lot of glass fronts too.

THE POSITIONING OF AGB800 and AGB800-AM at the top of their food chain in their respective field is no exaggeration. For instance, during extensive research and tests, the detectors were evaluated in more than 2,000 break scenarios. More than 20,000 disturbing signals were recorded and rigorously analyzed. Consequently, during testing the detectors achieved 100% results across sequential breaking of glass panes - an ambitious number that gauges precisely the power of the product.

That mammoth target was reached by building on the solid blueprint and architecture of the previous AGB600 glass break detector. Developed with the latest microprocessor technology, which incorporates advanced algorithms monitoring the room acoustics, these algorithms integrate that knowledge to distinguish between glass breaking and other internal noises soundly.

BOTH AGB800 AND AGB800-AM are suitable for internal use and can be ceiling or wall mounted facing the direction of the glass being protected. Moreover, in an era where time and money is everything, multiple window monitoring is also achievable due to the nine-meter detection distance over a range of 165º. This means you can potentially protect several windows or glass panels with a single detector depending on where it is installed, greatly maximizing your use of resources and benefitting your bottom line.

The AGB800-AM, has the same solid foundation of the AGB800, with the added functionality of anti-mask.  At the time of writing The AGB800-AM is the only acoustic glass break detector to pass the rigorous requirements of EN50131-2-7-1:2013, Grade 3 for high-security installations. The AGB800-AM’s anti-mask function provides unique tamper protection, which is signaled via a separate relay.