7 Mar 2022

Fortus Now Offering Vanderbilt Products to UK Customer Base

Diamond partner Fortus is now offering Vanderbilt products to their UK customer base. This move is a further sign of the continuing successful partnership weaved between Vanderbilt and Fortus.

“We were delighted to be Vanderbilt’s first Irish-based Diamond partner in their Aspire program. Aspire has offered us several tangible benefits, like access to useful sales tools and marketing support, ultimately benefiting our installers. Now we’re delighted to bring their products to our UK customer base,” says Eoghan O’Leary, Sales & Marketing Director at Fortus.

Aspire was designed to give distributors like Fortus access to tools, support, and opportunities to perform and meet today’s market demands. Fortus is a highly respected distributor of tailored security solutions with a broad reach throughout the UK and Ireland making them a noteworthy Diamond member of Vanderbilt’s partner program. Therefore, this expansion of their current partnership is an exciting development for Vanderbilt. John Gornall, Vanderbilt’s UK & Ireland Sales Manager, explains:

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“Fortus’ decision to distribute Vanderbilt products not only in Ireland but in the UK as well is a huge stamp of approval on the forward-thinking and customer-first benefits of which our products are designed to maximize. This is a great development for us and just another step forward in the relationship between Vanderbilt and Fortus that will continue to grow and strengthen even further.”

Fortus has quickly cementing its reputation of tailored expertise and project management in the security industry. Moreover, since their time as a Vanderbilt Diamond partner, two aspects of Vanderbilt’s product portfolio have greatly excited their customer base. That has been Vanderbilt’s ACTpro access control system, particularly the product’s new ANPR integration, and their Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers that offer an effective form of contactless control.

“The ACTpro integration with ANPR is an excellent example of integration between access control and video,” says O’Leary. “I expect this product will be of huge interest to our UK base, particularly those interested in the Transportation and Logistics sector. For example, from an operational efficiency and timing point of view, the ACTpro-ANPR integration can help busy distribution centers to coordinate time slots for delivery with fleets of trucks which can lead to huge cost savings and security benefits.”

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O’Leary also highlights Vanderbilt’s Bluetooth offering VCredential platform as a standout solution of their in-depth portfolio. VCredential is a cloud-based credential management platform that allows you to create Bluetooth credentials that will work with Vanderbilt’s ACTpro, ACT365, Omnis, SPC, SiPass integrated, and multiple third-party systems.

*For more information on Fortus, visit www.fortusuk.com To learn about Vanderbilt or their Aspire Partner Program of which Fortus is a Diamond Partner, visit www.vanderbiltindustries.com