5 Jun 2020

Part I: Helping Getting People Back to Work

As we start actively planning to open our places of work safely, Vanderbilt is providing our customers with smart and reliable strategies to help create a safer environment for staff and visitors.

We have explored best practices for protecting employees and visitors when they come to a building.

Below we outline a scenario of how our products can be used for area counting and pre-booking systems for occupancy management when social distancing.

Example Scenario:

  • Vanderbilt’s access control solutions can manage the number of people in an area at any one time.
  • Automated people counting systems offer a method of counting and limiting access to certain areas.
  • Operators can enable a maximum occupancy level to prevent overcrowding within a building or in an area.
  • These systems can provide live data and trigger alarms in the event of an occupancy breach.
  • This live data will enable organizations to take proactive decisions to prevent overcrowding and enforce social distancing effectively.
  • This will enable security operators to evaluate which areas of a building are vulnerable to overcrowding with live statistics, including heat and path maps, people count reports, zone breakdowns, and alerts of congestion and bottlenecks.
  • A red light or red and green lights can be triggered to show when people can enter.

Suitable For:

Retail outlet or supermarkets controlling how many people they can have in their store, with a red and green light being turned on as occupancy levels reach user-defined thresholds.