27 Jan 2022

An integrated banking approach with Vanderbilt’s SPC

Banks need constant protection. The ATMs need regular replenishment while self-service style ‘fast drop’ facilities need emptying. All these present security risks such as robberies or forced withdrawals. Another worrying threat to staff and customers is of violence arising from bank raids or mugging.”

So, what are some of how Vanderbilt solutions can protect banks?

Jose Cruz, Vanderbilt’s Sales Manager for Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, provides insights into the question.

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“Traditionally, the method for signaling a threat was a member of staff would trigger a silent alarm that would be reported to police, or staff would enter a unique duress code. These code options and the silent panic/hold up are available on the SPC system. That said, an often-reported issue with duress codes is that adding a one-to-four-digit number can be challenging to perform when you are under pressure.,” says Cruz.

Vanderbilt’s SPC intrusion system has several features that help protect staff. One such feature is the “All okay” function. Simply put, this is a step that staff can perform to signal everything is “okay” when the SPC system is unset. The nice thing about this is that SPC allows this “All okay” signal to be set up as almost anything. Additionally, you can add multiple elements that will trigger the alert.

Cruz adds: “The SPC system can be configured to have this functionality for specific areas, and the time and action can be defined for what will happen if the signal is not given. Any input or zone can be used.”

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For example, if the bank manager arrives to work earlier than usual and uses his card to gain access to the branch office and PIN to disarm the alarm. A central monitoring station will be alerted to the early entry. It will need to know whether the entry has been made under duress. The monitoring station can view the manager on live video until they execute a predetermined security procedure, hit an “All okay” button, or send a silent duress alarm.

Vanderbilt can provide multiple layers of automated security to protect banks and other financial institutions.

“An integrated approach that combines security systems, remote monitoring, and management services provide comprehensive security to banks,” says Cruz. “Additionally, as remote monitoring, alerts, and live video surveillance can be performed on mobile devices, they allow security teams to respond in an efficient and timely manner.”