29 May 2017

We Understand the Issues You Face: Airports

In this series, Vanderbilt takes a detailed look at the specific issues faced in certain sectors, and how we have the solutions to fix them.

Vanderbilt understands the security issues faced by the airport sector. They are large, crowded, and loud with queues to the ticket counter, queues to check-in, queues to security, and queues to taxi stands. As well as that they are thronged with shops, pubs, and restaurants as people of different cultures, shapes, styles, and sizes navigate through terminals, each with their own story to tell. Some might be emigrating to start a new life, while others are just on a well-deserved break from reality. 

Airports act as portals to facilitate these adventures. Therefore, safety, security and effective wayfinding is of primary concern for the airport security managers. By their very nature, airports need to be open, efficient, and accessible but due to the high volume of traffic that these areas generate, they are a popular target for terrorism, smuggling, and theft – incidents that have the potential to cause loss of life, impact local economies and national reputations.

Airports are large areas with many access points. Due to the large volumes of traffic that pass through every day, there is a hierarchy of sensitive areas with multiple levels of access rights. It is this high volume of traffic that also makes it a “soft” target in the eyes of would-be terrorists, and so there is a need to record who is present in key locations for security and muster reporting. Again, to counteract and deter such threats, as well as thefts and smuggling, video recording demands a high resolution for continuous analytics.

Vanderbilt has a host of solutions across access control, intrusion detection, and video management to help combat these issues. One such example of this can be seen across major hangars in London’s Luton Airport where Vanderbilt’s ACTpro access control system was chosen to distinguish between legitimate and unauthorized visitors, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff as well as protecting aircraft and infrastructure. The measures invoked by the ACTpro access control system not only prevent unauthorized entry into controlled areas by staff or intruders, but also ensure that legitimate visitors (including significant numbers of VIP travelers) can progress smoothly through the site.

Security in transport is a sensitive issue and one that requires agility, adaptability, and dependability; flagship traits of Vanderbilt. People want to travel without fear of falling victim to attack, but security cannot be so invasive that it makes travel unpleasant. Vanderbilt’s solutions respond to these expectations to facilitate free movement and allow for effective safeguarding measures.