28 Nov 2018

Manufacturers and Integrators Must Form Profound Relationship to Achieve Common Goal

At Vanderbilt, we’re big proponents of the value of relationship building. As a manufacturer, there are typically three avenues that this can manifest: with other manufacturers, with integrators and with the end user. In a blog earlier this year, we talked about why end-user relationships are critical, but as we look toward a new year, we want to outline how other important connections in the security industry work, including the ones we have with our integrator partners.

Working hand-in-hand with integration partners is the key to this business in many ways. As the “middle man” between both sides of an installation, the integrator often possesses the knowledge necessary to ensure a smooth process for all involved. This includes understanding both the exact needs of the end user and the particular ways a manufacturer can effectively address those needs.

These qualities are crucial for the efficient planning, designing and implementation of a security solution that meets all expectations and performs under pressure. But for the manufacturer and integrator relationship to truly flourish, two key elements rise above all else: service and support.

There are a lot of access control products out there with similar features, meaning that the difference and value proposition boils down to the amount of attention given to go above and beyond basic functionality. When we look at integrator partners, it’s important to form a relationship with those that have a strong sense of dedication and commitment in mind when working directly with end users.

Additionally, we want an open dialogue and conversation with our partners, and we also want customers to be able to reach us directly to let us know the features they like or have trouble with, ideas for new ways to deliver value and general feedback. Constructive communication is paramount in a partnership with a dealer or integrator partner.

With regard to support, we believe in choosing a partner who is dedicated to attending our certification courses, continuing education on the platforms we offer and finding ways to help us improve the technology. We believe that this high level of training and discussion enables the relationship to grow and ensures the successful implementation of solutions.

Over time, both sides of the coin must remain invested in the expansion of the relationship. Sharing a deep level of trust, responsibility and devotion to the product and the challenges it addresses will enable end users to benefit from service that is tailored specifically to satisfying their requirements.

We feel that the manufacturer and integrator collaboration should be more than just your typical business deal; creating a robust and meaningful relationship enables manufacturers to set themselves apart and provide a genuine care for the end user’s goals. Want to learn more about our integrator partners?