25 Aug 2021

Our Best Selling Webshop Products in the DACH Region

Check out a selection of some our most recent best selling webshop products in the DACH region.

ACTpro-1500 Door Controller

The ACTpro-1500 is a single-door IP Controller with a dual-port Ethernet switch. The ACTpro-1500 controller supports 60,000 users, 2,000 User groups, door station technology (ACTpro-100 and ACTpro-120), and wireless locks and is ideal for a single door or for systems that need to grow to thousands of doors.

BLUE-A Bluetooth Reader, Wiegand

Vanderbilt’s range of Bluetooth Readers is a secure and flexible identification solution bringing the access credential to Android and iOS smartphones. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is transforming the future of access control. It removes the need for a physical card or tag. Simultaneous support of smartphones and a wide range of smart cards bridge the gap from traditional access credentials to cardless mobile access control and seamlessly integrates existing locations. Available communication interfaces:

  • BLUE-A: Wiegand
  • BLUE-B: Wiegand (with keypad)
  • BLUE-D: OSDP (with keypad)

PDM-IXA12 DUAL detector 10.525GHz

MAGIC motion detector PDM-IXA12 is impressive with its modern and elegant design. Its style is suitable for all installation situations. With the enhanced Matchtec algorithm, its patented MAGIC mirror provides reliable detection of intruders and the highest false alarm immunity. Flexible installations can be carried out quickly and error-free due to features like Auto Walktest and the new End-of-Line concept (EoL).

SPCK520.100-N Compact Keypad Neu.

The SPCK520.100-N Compact Keypad is slim, stylish, and feature-packed. The 4 soft keys and navigation keys allow easy operation with a minimum number of steps with touch key technology. Status information and ‘next step’ prompts are clearly displayed on the large LCD. The integrated speaker enhances the user experience with audio annunciation. Customer logo, emergency, or quick set functions can be displayed in an idle state. Various mounting options and accessories provide a complete keypad interface.

WKP-SIM keypad with fobs

The WKPD-SIM is a wireless keypad for controlling and indicating the status of the SPC 2-way wireless system. The keypad has panic functions for an attack, fire, and medical. The keypad is easy to install, and the enrollment onto the SPC system is a fast process. The keypad is supplied with 2 fobs for setting and unsetting the system.