23 Sep 2020

Vanderbilt add QR500 Reader to in-depth access control portfolio

Wiesbaden, Germany, September 2020: Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, announced today the addition of ZKTeco’s QR500 readers to their access control portfolio.

The QR500 reader is a new generation of intelligent access control readers. It has fast scanning speeds, high recognition rates, high compatibility, and, importantly, can be connected to ACT365 Access Control Units.

“Access control QR readers offer a convenient and cost-effective method of maintaining order and flow”, begins Paul McCarthy, Product Manager at Vanderbilt

“Moreover, they have proven to be easy to use, not only for system users but also for end-users. Now Vanderbilt is adding another layer to their offering by bringing the ACT365 compatible QR500 reader into our already enhanced access control portfolio.”

Simple & Effective

QR codes are indeed know for their simplicity and effectiveness. Here’s how they work. The QR500 reader has a recognition distance of more than 50mm for QR codes, which can be generated for visitors in ACT365 and sent to them via email. So, when a user is sent a QR code from ACT365 to their smartphone, all they have to do is simply scan this QR code at a QR500 reader, and voila, they are granted access. Simple as. 

McCarthy explains the working mechanics of the solution in more detail: 

“After scanning the QR code, the reader sends the unique data captured in the code to the service provider. If the data in the code links up with the QR code reader’s data, it grants access to the individual who scanned the code.”

QR codes are generated directly from the ACT365 cardholder page with validity periods. This allows for a more secure and controlled environment as only a system operator can create the temporary QR Code in ACT365 and grant access to specified individuals.

A Real Value-Add

“Overall, think it is fair to say that during this pandemic, access control QR readers have proven their effectiveness and have become a real value-add”, continues McCarthy

“As the user is using a mobile device, the system is on hand and avoids physical contact with any devices. And of course, the issue of QR codes is electronic, thus avoiding one to one interaction with security operators. QR codes can also apply to staff as it means they can enter and exit the building to begin their work shifts in a hands-free way.”

The QR500 reader is a Wiegand enabled device, simple to install, and is perfect for Visitor Management multiple environments. These include hotels, B&B’s, sporting facilities, VIP shopping appointments, health clinic appointments, or delivery services.