8 Aug 2018

FAQ: What you need to know about Vanderbilt’s new VR Mullion readers

Vanderbilt’s VR Series reader range has been enhanced by the addition of two Mullion readers, the VR20M-MF and the VR50M-MF. 

As well as being attractive, Vanderbilt’s VR series readers introduce dynamic features and an OLED display to simplify installation and in-service functionality.

  • What protocol do the readers use?

The readers support OSDP. This protects the hacking of Wiegand which has become easier to do.

  • Do the readers have tamper protection?

Yes, the readers are vandal resistant and tamper protected.

  • What card technology do the readers use?

The readers use MIFARE card technology, including EV1 and EV2.

  • What temperatures have the readers been tested at?

The readers can work in the harshest environments having been tested at temperatures of -40c and up to +70c.

  • What approvals do the readers have?

CE according to R&TTE and EMC Directives, RED.

  • What are the readers housed in?

They are manufactured in a high-quality zinc casted metal frame for extra durability and quality, and have been tested to withstand 5 joules, a feat you just won’t get with plastic readers.

  • How are the readers configured?

The configuration of the card readers can easily be achieved by using a configuration card, and secure DESfire encryption keys can be downloaded into the reader.

  • What Vanderbilt systems do the readers work with?

The readers are designed to work with all Vanderbilt systems, including SPC, Omnis, and ACT.

  • What indicators do the readers have?

All models of the readers have three indicator LEDs and a multi-tone buzzer for audio verification. A multi-color light frame enforces access status information. This can be configured to follow the indicator LEDs or any number of different options. Display brilliance is set automatically by an inbuilt light sensor.

  • What size are the readers?

The readers are designed for today’s bright, clean interiors and are easy to install, use, and maintain. The VR20M-MF comes in dimensions of 48x129x22 (WxHxD), and the VR50M-MF comes in dimensions of 48x129x24 (WxHxD).