5 Mar 2018

Create, grow, enhance with Vanderbilt’s innovative solutions

Navigating your way through security integration options can be extremely complicated and time-consuming.  Clients demand exceptional performance and functionality in security systems for environments as diverse as retail, commercial, industrial, domestic, healthcare, and monitoring stations. 

All sectors

Vanderbilt is positioned to help you through this maze by finding the best-integrated solutions to solve this challenge. Vanderbilt offers a wide range of integration choices including card management, cloud-based remote diagnostics, video, and storage. These also work with partner products to deliver the ideal solution for even the most challenging security situation.

All sizes

Vanderbilt assists whether you’re tendering for a small business’ video surveillance or a retail store that requires intrusion detection that can work with access control. Larger and more complex organizations that need custom monitoring, or a domestic dwelling where the owner wants automated lights and blinds are also catered for.  Vanderbilt can provide the best options to suit both tender choices and budget.


Our systems also grow with your client’s business. We future-proof our systems, and these are scalable, so if your customers’ business grows from one shop to 100, Vanderbilt’s cloud-based solutions are adaptable to grow with the business and provide the tools you need and security prowess that your customer expects. 


Vanderbilt can provide flexibility and choice. This comes from our partnerships with other leading industry experts. We can provide seamless integration in every environment, be it alarm management, single phase controller systems, VMS solutions, home automated integration, Modbus or communication gateways. We can ensure you get the broadest possible choice of the best solutions. 

All in

Vanderbilt can provide the best security solution to your security challenges with our wealth of global experience, technical expertise quality systems, and added flexibility of partnering with the world’s leading expert’s companies.

If you would benefit from having a knowledgeable, innovative and open partner like Vanderbilt, we would love to work with you. Create, grow, and enhance with our innovative solutions.