3 Sep 2018

SPC Connect continues to hit new milestones

Few security systems bring such depth as the SPC, Vanderbilt’s award-winning intrusion detection solution that protects businesses, properties, and assets. It is a system that offers versatile and comprehensive alarm management functionality and through the use of cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, SPC is at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.

The system’s cloud-based platform, SPC Connect, allows installers monitor, manage and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location using internet access. This essentially means installation companies can offer their customers support without the need to physically visit the site. As miles on the road eat up time and money, this delivers massive convenience for businesses.

SPC Connect recently signed up its 1,000th customer to the platform at the beginning of summer, a feat the company attributes to a shift in direction from the “install and forget” to the managed service model, where solutions like SPC Connect bring great power and flexibility. 

A key feature in SPC Connect’s offering, is that installation companies can provide services at different levels to different customers and manage those customer expectations within a modern cloud platform.

Vanderbilt’s goal is to deliver an ecosystem that will allow installers to have a better communication environment with their customers. SPC Connect helps achieve this by bringing installers closer to their customers by creating a platform where they can communicate more freely with each other. This ability to have more open communication between installer and system user, in a secure mechanism such as SPC Connect, will have a significant impact on increasing the level of service for all parties. 

For instance, through SPC Connect, an installer can send targeted messages, such as promotional offers, via push notification or email. The feature is highly refined, with installers having the choice of which system users receive the message, such as panel managers. Messages can also be broken down into specific groups, regions, or user levels.

This “bridging the gap” approach to communication barriers is at its starting point in terms of evolution potential, and Vanderbilt is intent on extending the number of featured services that installers can deploy, as well as opening avenues for the system user too. In terms of SPC Connect developing over the coming years, customers can expect innovations centered around further simplifying ease of use and better overviews for installation companies to see well in advance what tasks their customers will require coming down the line.