22 Mar 2018

Positive interest in Vanderbilt/Milestone integration at Denmark seminar

Vanderbilt and Milestone recently held two half-day integration seminars launching the new SPC plugin for the open Milestone platform.

With more than 100 attendees at two locations, Aarhus and Brøndby in Denmark, the interest for this new integration with Vanderbilt’s SPC and Milestone was extremely positive.

The feedback from the attendees has been excellent, and we are already quoting for new projects with this integration. This make us believe there is a great opportunity in the market for this easy to implement integration between the Milestone software and the SPC intrusion & access control platform.

Thomas Risager, Vanderbilt Sales Manager, Denmark.

Feature breakdown

Some of the key features of this integration are:

  1. Graphical map overview of the SPC installation, areas, zones, doors, in/outputs & Milestone cameras.
  2. Control the SPC panel from within the Milestone map: Arm/Disarm system or specific areas, open or lock doors without installing relays.
  3. The ability to perform a full “lock-down” on all doors on the SPC, from one single button created in the Milestone map.
  4. Alarm management of SPC alarms in the Milestone software.
  5. The bi-directional trigger of events.
  6. Global Keypad: Via the plug-in, it’s now possible to arm multiple SPC panels from one single SPC keypad.
  7. PTZ cameras can be triggered by an SPC alarm/event to rotate to an area and increase recording speed for optimal quality, without additional cabling.

The SPC plugin for Milestone is available through your Vanderbilt partner, and no additional license for the Milestone software is needed to run this plugin.

A closer look

SPC protects businesses, properties, and assets for users who want an intrusion detection system that offers versatile operation and comprehensive alarm management functionality. Using cloud services, end-user apps, and a dedicated software suite, SPC is at the forefront of modern intrusion detection.

The SPC Milestone plugin allows users to trigger off events and control SPC systems from within the Milestone system. When installed, the plugin allows for a 30-day trial for up to two panels and will enable the display of areas, zones, doors, and outputs from the Milestone Map interface. 

The plugin uses FlexC to communicate with the panel, and when a license is purchased from Vanderbilt, it will support up to 20 SPC systems. The license also provides customers with one-year support and availability of updates. The plugin is compatible with SPC 3.6.6, 3.7.1 and SPC 3.8.


The plugin is aimed at improving the customer experience by providing a bi-directional communication strategy with the enhancement of a robust surveillance solution. In line with the mantra of the customer first, the SPC Milestone plugin features options such as filters for event transmissions, remote interaction based on customizable command profile, while ATS/ATP logs offer transparent communication.

The instant and remote access to any potential alarm helps save a considerable amount of time for those involved in maintaining the system. For example, through the plugin, when an alarm has generated the icon on your monitoring screen will go red, cameras can be triggered, and the Milestone client can display the relevant information. By right-clicking the icon, you can check the status of the alarm and a further right-click action will restore the alarm and switch the icon back to green.

The deep integration means that when the system is configured the information is automatically imported into Milestone where names of areas, zones and doors appear allowing for a smooth configuration experience.

For more information, please contact your local Vanderbilt or Milestone partner.