2 Feb 2022

Product Recap: Omnis, ACTpro, & ComNet updates

January saw a flurry of activity in the Vanderbilt product portfolio.

Let’s recap some of the more significant announcements in recent weeks:

  • Omnis E100 Firmware 7.5.61 was delivered to market during the month. The firmware can be downloaded from our Webshop via the Software-tab on both the E100 and E100-S.
  • In addition, Omnis Resistor Packs were updated to include a larger number of resistors per shipped unit. This has been done to cover all the potential needs of end-of-line resistors for both the LONbus and individual zone inputs. The changes are effective immediately and will reach customers as soon as existing stock per product has been depleted.
  • As you may be aware, a new exploit in “log4j” Java logging framework was reported that might be exploited. Please find at this link the current Security Advisory where SiPass.
  • Recent changes to the screen printing of the ACC-AP board were implemented. Currently, there is a mixture of both “old” and “new” in circulation. This notification is in reference to the COMMS Port and the RLY Ports printing. Please see below, the highlighted changes to the printing onl.
  • Our CCTV/Video cameras, recorders and accessory products have been on phase-out for the last two years. Technical support for these products will be terminated as of 31 May 2022. Once again, we would like to remind all users of these products to store their passwords in a safe place, as we are discontinuing our technical support.
  • Lastly, a number of ComNet products are being made obsolete due to component changes creating performance limitations with devices.

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