12 Aug 2019

Why choose RMR? (Part 2)

For dealers, integrators and installers interested in offering a cloud-based service that leverages an RMR business model, there can be significant value for both them and their customers.

However, it’s essential to have a clear picture of what’s required to build this kind of model. Vanderbilt is dedicated to providing partners with the information and support they need to deliver these solutions.

The future of RMR as a whole will depend on a number of factors, with the most important being the type of systems and solutions involved. And as long as cloud-based technologies are at the forefront of the security industry, it is likely that integrators will continue to desire the ability to add more value to their offerings through a recurring monthly service agreement.

RMR with ACT365

ACT365 is designed to help integrators offer managed access control to their customers. It’s a scalable cloud-based access control and video management platform designed to allow remote management of single and multiple locations from an easy-to-navigate interface. Not only does ACT365 allow integrators to provide customers services with RMR, but it also provides ample flexibility for management of an organization’s access control, including the ability to update or remove permissions, view cameras or open doors from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Key benefits for ACT365 include:

  • Installer portal and app enable remote management of multiple customers and sites from a single interface
  • Remote diagnostics and servicing on voltage, mains, PSU, etc
  • No software to install
  • API for simple integrations with third party software
  • Recurring revenue opportunities through managed access control services

RMR with SPC Connect

SPC Connect is a cloud-based solution designed for installers to monitor, manage and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location using internet access, creating a support service for clients without the need to physically visit the site. SPC Connect can be fully customized based on customer needs for small businesses, medium installer businesses or multinational installation companies.

The solution allows users to supply customer services with a single click, facilitating the confidence needed to respond to requests instantly and remotely. SPC Connect also provides the ability to separate roles by defining permissions and responsibilities to ensure clarity for regional offices and the ability to easily identify teams within the system.