10 Jun 2021

SPC Connect & Empowering Businesses

SPC Connect is a cloud-based solution that allows installers to monitor, manage and maintain SPC panels instantly and remotely from any location. The result will empower their business.

Why SPC Connect?

The reasons are many and here are a few of the most important ones.

  • Complete remote programming of SPC systems
  • “Always on” communication allowing for instant access
  • Organization structure to support business workflow
  • Definable roles and responsibilities
  • Monitoring communications
  • Remote Maintenance reports
  • Remote Configuration file maintenance

Complete remote programming of SPC systems

SPC Connect enables a security installation business to provide any installer (such as a direct employee or a sub-contractor) permissions to remotely access the SPC web portal. This allows for instant access to all configuration options and immediate support for their end customers.

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“Always on” communication allowing for instant access

Regardless of when and where the SPC panels are always accessible from any unit - smart phone, tablet or PC as long as it is connected to the Internet. This gives a superior response time to system demands to handle end user wishes or trouble shooting.

Organization structure to support business workflow

SPC Connect provides a structure to organise company personnel by offering definable roles and permissions per individual. It also allows managers to delegate groups of panels to installation engineers and as a business grows the structure and model they use can grow with them.

Definable roles and responsibilities

This feature enables the installer to take control and handle the level of permissions available to each installation engineer. Who does what and where.

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Monitoring communications

SPC Connect allows security installation businesses a smart and efficient manner in which to monitor and inspect the status of FlexC communications across all panels in their database.

Maintenance reports

This feature is perfect for security installers who provide their customers with system status reports. Operating in an automatic or manual mode, SPC Connect offers an overview of the system and highlights any issues or areas of concern remotely.

Configuration file maintenance

Installers can store every change or periodically store the configuration file from the end customer’s site using this function. It can also be used to restore configurations, view changes, make notes on why changes were made or, if necessary, download the file locally to their PC.