16 Aug 2021

SPC Connect & the Benefits of Remote Management

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the SPC intrusion detection system is the award-winning SPC Connect cloud platform.

SPC Connect provides an uncomplicated way to access the alarm systems’ web interface remotely and offers on-the-fly, complete system programming. This makes troubleshooting and making customer-specific changes during and after installation effortless for installers.

Nick Pegtol, Region Manager International Sales & Global Accounts at Vanderbilt, records why he believes SPC Connect is such a popular feature with key customer accounts. “A few installation companies report saving 10 to 15 minutes on each change they must make since switching to the SPC and SPC Connect platform. With several hundreds of panels or more in their portfolios, this saves hours, otherwise spent waiting for programming files to upload and download. Direct remote access to the systems also saves a tremendous amount of time and money in site visits. In the end, this benefits both the security installer and the end-customer.”

Christopher Hull Fredriksson, SecurityManager at Hammarö Kommun, is a customer that has experienced this same benefit using SPC Connect. Fredriksson explains: “SPC’s best feature is the cloud-based SPC Connect. We have many sites, which makes it way easier for us to maintain and secure our interests and make our customers’ demands easy to complete satisfactorily. I would highly recommend SPC.”

SPC Connect launched in 2015 and has had significant updates in 2017, 2018, and 2020. It runs on Microsoft’s European Azure servers. It is used by thousands of installers and hundreds of thousands of end-users every day. It gives the installation companies access to remote maintenance reports, automatically stores configuration backup files, provides remote firmware upgrades, user management, a graphical map of sites, and much more. Secured by design, engineers use personal accounts with specific access rights, only allowing access and features based on the company rules.

Alexander Scheffold is the Senior Product Manager for SPC and outlines what he believes are the product’s strengths. “Above all, the SPC Connect platform ensures a secure, encrypted way into the SPC alarm systems from anywhere in the world using standard web browsers,” he begins. “The AESbit 256 CBC encrypted connection to the SPC systems, the financial grade SSL encryption on the SPC Connect web page, and the Azure security settings make this a reliable and cybersecure communication path into the SPC systems.”

Øystein Gjerde is the CEO of GTD Security AS and has found great benefit in SPC’s versatility. Gjerde details why SPC Connect is his favorite feature: “SPC Connect makes it so easy for both the customer and us as technicians to log on to the various facilities around the country. With SPC, we solve most challenges and solutions that customers want. I would highly recommend it. It is effortless to use.”