9 Jun 2022

SPC protects over 400 alarm zones at Maritime Museum

The Maritime Culture Center is a branch of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

ACRE International’s SPC protects the museum, which promotes information on maritime subjects comprehensively and interactively by employing multimedia techniques.

SPC is ACRE International’s flagship intrusion detection product. It helps protect the museum’s main attractions, such as their permanent interactive room called “People-Ships-Ports.” Another exhibition, “Boats of People of the World,” is a rich collection of boats varying from an Eskimo kayak to a Venetian gondola. The MCC also organizes temporary exhibitions on popular maritime topics.

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Covering a large building, the museum required an alarm system that could sufficiently monitor more than 400 alarm zones, 55 areas, and 25 doors. Management also requested an intrusion system that could integrate with access control solutions, a feature that SPC met.

Michał Drobczyński works at the Maritime Culture Center in Gdansk and says of SPC’s protection: “Due to installing ACRE Internationa’s SPC system, the museum is safe. The system meets our expectations in the field of security. Thanks to their wireless equipment (receivers and detectors), we can protect the exhibits in the temporary exhibition. ACRE International turned out to be a beneficial company in installing and programming the security system in the museum building.”

Overall, the museum is protected by SPC6300 with 38 input expanders (SPCE652), 18 2-door expanders (SPCA210), 13 keypads (SPCK420), and 5 RF-expanders (SPCW130).