10 May 2022

SPC and Retail Chains: An ACRE & Coop Success Story

Coop is one of the largest retail chains in Switzerland. It is a wildly successful business with over 2,200 stores active nationwide in the food sector and the non-food industry. 

It typically enjoys an annual turnover of 19.2 billion CHF (19.8 million USD), making Coop one of Switzerland’s heaviest hitters in its industry.

To help protect their staff members and expensive assets such as home electronics, cell phones, tablets, perfumes, and jewelry, Coop wanted to install a new security system. Coop searched for a modular alarm system that could transmit reliably with the most modern forms of communication to the available standard alarm receiving centers. Coop also needed a system that had proven itself to be a reliable, fast solution for alarm detection and was certified according to SES EN standards. Lastly, Coop needed a system that could allow for overnight delivery without sacrificing optimal protection for their products.

To help them meet these needs, ACRE partnered with Coop to install our SPC intrusion detection security system across their sites of varying sizes with different security needs. 

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SPC was deployed to optimize and simplify the maintenance and training of Coop employees across the various stores. One of the most valuable aspects of SPC in Coop’s eyes is its ability to act as a complete IP communication system that provides cause and effect programming for more diverse applications and solutions to various problems, as well as the fact that SPC serves as a self-monitoring solution for security employees.

In addition to SPC, Coop also selected several other ACRE solutions to secure their stores, including PDM infrared detectors with mirror optics, seismic detectors, glass break detectors, and magnetic contacts. Each of ACRE’s solutions opened the door for quick and easy integrations of external systems such as fog systems, integration in building systems, or in-house alarm receiving stations via EDP and Flex-C.

“ACRE is a solution-oriented company that optimally meets the needs of Coop,” said Jörg Piller, Head of Security Service at Coop. “ACRE cultivates the customer relationship not only with the specialist company Telsec but also with the end customer, Coop.”

To learn more about Coop, visit their website here!