27 Jan 2021

Further Development Planned for Specifier Program in 2021

Vanderbilt’s Specifier Program was launched in 2020 and aims to assist network architects, engineers and consultants who are engaged in the design of ever evolving electronic security systems. The goal of the program is to provide consultants with tools, information and expertise that bring benefits by adding value to project design.

Moving into 2021, Vanderbilt plans to continue developing the program and improve the benefits that system designers can experience. Michael Byrden, Business Development Manager at Vanderbilt, outlines areas where the program hopes to develop.

This year we are focusing on three things:

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Training and Education

We appreciate system designers very often have a very broad portfolio of building management systems to maintain. Our aim is to become a trusted advisor in electronic security and related systems. 2021 will see Vanderbilt updating our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training seminars that we deliver to consultant engineers in in the UK/Ireland and further afield.

Tools and Access

We aim to provide a one stop shop repository where system designers can access up to date specification and compliance documents and certificates for Vanderbilt brands such as ACT, SPC, SiPass integrated, OMNIS, and ComNet.

For more information on Vanderbilt’s Specifier Program, bookmark the Specifier section on the Vanderbilt website.

Project Sales Team

Vanderbilt has a team of dedicated personnel to assist consultants, architects, and end-users in maintaining existing systems and designing new ones. Our project sales team are engaging with specifiers in all of our markets.

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