2 Sep 2019

The Cloud and it’s Origins

Vanderbilt solutions such as ACT365 and SPC Connect have proven to be extremely popular choices for security installers over the past three two years. The cloud-based products have won a slew of awards between them, most notably Detektor International awards for both – SPC Connect in 2017 and ACT365 in 2018.

So, what makes these solutions so popular? Most obvious, is the adaptability and flexibility that the cloud offers to installers. For instance, these solutions deal with convenience. They deal with things that are at the heart of every customer’s pain points – time and money. Simply put, this technology allows for the elimination of once difficult tasks that are now capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button on mobile or desktop devices.

These solutions enable users to remotely access live and pre-recorded video footage anytime and anywhere. Their distinguishing characteristics deliver information rapidly, cost-effectively, and can be upgraded with the latest features as and when they become available. The benefits of remote monitoring solutions are that through push or email notifications, system users can be alerted to any disturbances immediately via their smartphone.

Why is cloud so popular in the security industry?

Cloud: The Point of Origin

Although the cloud is one of the most heavily talked about topics in the industry right now, the concept has existed for many years, decades even. In the early 1960’s, an American computer scientist named John McCarthy developed the notion of time-sharing. This initial thought process ultimately kick-started the pattern development that would lead to today’s polished version of cloud-sharing.

During the 1970’s and 80’s, email and the original giants of computing like Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Dell entered the scene. However, it was the arrival of the internet in the 1990’s, and the significant bandwidth that this development offered, that truly delivered a concrete springboard to flesh out McCarthy’s original thesis and deliver the cloud to the world.

One of the first through the breach on the march to cloud computing was the arrival of Salesforce in 1999. Salesforce delivered enterprise applications through a simple website and ultimately carved a path for software firms to distribute applications via the internet.

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Modern-day momentum

The next landmarks were Amazon Web Services in 2002 and Google Apps in 2009. As leading technology companies began to deliver easy-to-use services, the development of mobile internet devices soon normalized the idea of the cloud to the wider masses. The adoption of smartphones created the opportunity for Vanderbilt to enter the cloud by launching solutions such as SPC Connect and ACT365.

Today, the cloud is safer than ever, and provides unparalleled flexibility. For Vanderbilt, cloud technology offers installers and end users simplicity and ease-of-use. The cloud aids simple and quick installations as well as performing maintenance tasks remotely. This deliverance of ultimate control is an important commodity. Miles on the road eat up time. Cloud technology changes that.