22 Nov 2019

Vanderbilt Behind the Scenes: Featuring Bobby Berger, Senior Systems Field Engineer

To say that Bobby Berger has been with Vanderbilt from the very beginning would not be an exaggeration in the slightest. In fact, he was technically one of the first people hired in 1983, when the company was known Geoffrey Industries — putting his tenure with the organization at an outstanding 36 years that have given him the ability to do what he loves on a daily basis.

Within his current role as Senior Systems Field Engineer, Berger is responsible for providing support at customer sites as well as addressing in-house tasks, such as technical support issues, database upgrades and hardware functionality of both access control and video components. However, this list is nowhere near all-inclusive; Berger aims to do a little bit of everything, including assisting Eric Widlitz, Vice President, North America Sales: “I try to help him out as much as I can, taking on more responsibility than what a regular service support analyst would do,” Berger said.

That motivation and desire to go above and beyond fully translates to Berger’s attitude toward Vanderbilt’s customers. He has a reputation of always keeping them happy, and he achieves this by making sure to go the extra mile at all times (even if it means addressing unexpected concerns or adding a few hours onto his workday). “I don’t just do what it is that someone else would do,” he said. “I always make sure that I can finish a job 100%, putting the customer first and doing even more than what they’re asking for.”

Aside from finding satisfaction in helping solve problems for customers, Berger genuinely enjoys working, which he has the added benefit of doing from his home in Pennsylvania. Remote work has allowed him to avoid the daily commute, is easier on his physical health and gives him the freedom to choose his schedule, which typically includes more hours than an in-office position — a choice that he’s made happily.

Because Berger has been with Vanderbilt for so long, he’s had the opportunity to watch the company grow over the years and witness each and every product and system development within a constantly evolving industry. “This has been my whole life since 1983, so I’ve seen the technology grow and the changes we’re making,” he said. “I’m excited to see what comes next.”

When it comes to his life outside of work, Berger stays occupied. He’s a proud family man and enjoys spending quality time with his seven kids. But his family doesn’t stop there: With him and his wife being avid animal lovers and owning dogs and Amazon parrots, it’s safe to say his house is seldom quiet.

Berger has also found a way to use his industry skills and experience in an activity that you might not expect: his wife’s paranormal investigative group. As ghost hunters, the couple travels to people’s homes who feel like they’re experiencing paranormal activity, and Berger acts as the Technical Specialist for the group and its equipment.

After so long, these facts and hobbies are some of the many things Berger’s coworkers know about him; he considers himself an open book and he’s become very close to the people he works with: “They’re like family,” he said. “I don’t get into the office much, but when I do, everyone gets a hug.” Thank you, Bobby, for your hard work and dedication to Vanderbilt over the years!