9 Jul 2017

Vanderbilt makes its foray into cloud access control

Renowned for their ability to provide customized, enterprise-class access control management through their Security Management System (SMS) platform, Vanderbilt has sought to diversify its product offerings in recent years by acquiring several European-based companies, including Siemens Security Products and Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd. in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

These acquisitions not only expanded the company’s global footprint and research and development capabilities, but also enabled them to offer an end-to-end security system consisting of video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection solutions. While the bulk of the product offerings acquired through these purchases are still only available to Vanderbilt’s European customers, the company is getting ready to roll out a new cloud access control service to clients in the U.S. called ACT365.

According to Vanderbilt CEO Joseph Grillo, one of the things that made ACT such an attractive acquisition target was the fact that they already had a fully built cloud solution which could help get his company into the cloud space much quicker than having to create one organically.