17 May 2019

Vanderbilt host Gold Partner Event in Dublin

Wiesbaden, Germany, May 2019 - Vanderbilt, a global leader providing state-of-the-art security systems, recently hosted their Northern Europe and Rest of World VIP Gold Partner conference.

The conference was jointly hosted with Vanderbilt’s sister-company, ComNet and took place in Dublin, Ireland between May 8th and 10th 2019. Amongst the highlights of the three-day conference was keynote speeches, product roadmaps, and third-party integration awards.

An exclusive roadmap update was delivered by Pauline O’Riordan, Head of Product Management, while Andrew Fulton, Director of Business Development, and Thomas Risager, Country Manager for Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, delivered a keynote speech on the future of Access Control.

Other highlights were keynote speeches by Alexander Holmstrom, Director of Sales for Northern Europe and the Rest of World, and Cornel Reiser, International Region Manager. Leisure time activities provided included a VIP tour of the famous Guinness factory at St James’ Gate, Dublin.

The conference was part of Vanderbilt’s Aspire Partner program and was exclusive to Gold Partners of the program. The Aspire partner program is designed to give installers and distributors the tools, support, and opportunities to better perform and meet today’s market demands.

“From the moment our customers begin doing business with us, we want to deliver exceptional security and transmission solutions that present absolute peace of mind. We believe Aspire is another arm of achieving this goal and delivering standout “Value Adds” to our most loyal customers,” explains Ross Wilks, Head of Marketing Communications at Vanderbilt.

Aspire’s key theme is about a strong and mutually rewarding partnership between Vanderbilt and its customers. The program is open to installers and distributors that do business directly with Vanderbilt or through a certified distributor.

We pride ourselves in supporting clients through every step of their journey, and the Aspire program is a major effort by us to broaden our service base and create long-term, incremental value for our partners. At Vanderbilt, we believe in strong and mutually rewarding partnerships, and this is what Aspire is about,” concludes Wilks.

Through Aspire, Vanderbilt illustrate its commitment to partners by accelerating their performance and efficiency. By working closely together, it is hoped that Aspire can help create a brighter future for all involved.

For more information, simply visit the Aspire Partner Program.