18 Mar 2019

Vanderbilt’ SPC Connect specializes in tackling issue of remote monitoring

The internet revolutionized the security industry and today technology continues to evolve at a speed and depth that is changing the way people protect their premises. Cloud technology has resulted in a society that is always connected. For the security industry, this means it is now possible to remotely monitor many locations from hundreds of miles away. This is an area where Vanderbilt solutions carry depth.

Over two years ago, Vanderbilt launched SPC Connect, a hosted Software-as-a-Service solution for installers to monitor, manage, and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location.

Ross Wilks is Head of Marketing Communications at Vanderbilt. He outlines why the company has taken up such a strong portfolio with products that tackle issues such as remote monitoring.

“SPC Connect deals with convenience. It deals with things that are at the heart of every customer’s pain points – time and money. Simply put, cloud technology allows for the elimination of once difficult tasks that are now capable of instant execution through the quick click of a button on mobile or desktop devices. Vanderbilt has always looked to invest in technology that will match our values of agility, flexibility, and dependability. Products like SPC Connect excel with these criteria,” Wilks states.

“SPC Connect enables users to access their security systems anytime and anywhere remotely. Their distinguishing characteristics deliver information rapidly, cost-effectively, and can be upgraded with the latest features as and when they become available. The benefits of remote monitoring solutions are that through push or email notifications, system users can be alerted to any disturbances immediately via their smartphone,” he states.

For instance, one sector where SPC Connect is at play is the municipality of Odense in Denmark. Here, Odense had many buildings under their authority that needed a security system that would provide remote and instant access to deal with potential alarms from any location, at any time. In particular SPC Connect proves to very efficient for the surveillance of all panels.

System users can connect directly to any one of the panels, create a new user on panels locally, change calendars, and use the installer profile for remote configurations. They can also view events on all panels, therefore delivering insights into, for example, why there was a power failure in Building A or Building B. This of course is very beneficial for the time management of tasks.

Wilks summarizes, in his opinion, why these solutions have such mass appeal to the market: “The deliverance of ultimate control is an important context. In the 21st century, with smartphone technology embedded into our everyday life, nothing is now more valuable than our time. Essentially what remote monitoring boils down to is providing ease of use and convenience. Remote monitoring through cloud solutions saves time and money and brings peace of mind. With installers, time on the road eats up money. Solutions like SPC Connect solve that. Simple as.”