6 Apr 2020

Webinar: The most recent developments in card cloning and reader hacking

When: Thursday, 9 April at 10 am (CET) Duration: 30 minutes

In the first of Vanderbilt and ComNet’s upcoming webinar series, the ACRE companies will be tackling the topic of card cloning and reader hacking in access control.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, 9 April, at 10 am (CET) and will last 30 minutes, with room for a Q&A near the end of the session.

The host of the webinar is Andrew Fulton, Director of Business Development for Access Control at Vanderbilt.

“During this webinar, I will discuss and demonstrate the issues surrounding card cloning and reader hacking in the access control world today. I’m sure that some attendees will be shocked as to how easy even some of the more secure products can be compromised,” outlines Fulton.

I will cover the latest threats and techniques, as well as solutions to the problem - some simple and low cost, others more complex and complete solutions. I will also make recommendations on the type of cards and readers that you should use to ensure you end up with the most secure offering today, and not something that you soon realize has been compromised.

Andrew Fulton, Director of Business Development for Access Control, Vanderbilt.

“I look forward to you joining me on Thursday morning for this in-depth discussion,” Fulton concludes.

About the Host:

Andrew Fulton is an experienced senior leader in the electronic security industry.  As a co-founder of CEM Systems, he has over 30 years’ experience in access control products sold into the most complex situations worldwide.  During this time he has covered a broad spectrum of roles including software and product design,  sales, and CEM Managing Director (before its acquisition by TYCO.)  After continuing in global access sales in TYCO for 14 years, he has spent the last three years at Vanderbilt - initially as head of product management for access control before moving internally to Director of Business Development for Access Control.

With in-depth valuable knowledge, particularly within aviation, gaming banking, and infrastructure security systems, Andrew has a great insight into the changing needs of today’s access control products, including secure credentials. 

Takeaways attendees can expect:

  1. Get the latest updates in card and reader cloning and hacking.
  2. Know what cards and readers are most secure going forward.
  3. Understand how to make the transition from insecure to secure cards and readers simple.