9 Apr 2020

Webinar: FAQs from our ACTpro webinars

We recently hosted a webinar discussing our ACTpro access control system, hosted by Michael Byrden, Strategic Partnership Manager.

Such was the webinar’s popularity; it was ran on three separate occasions to meet demand. Much positive feedback was received from attendees, as well as some follow-up questions. Below are some of the most common follow-up questions attendees to the ACTpro webinar had.

Does a single door mean two readers?

Yes. All ACT Controllers support read in and read out readers.

Are ACT Readers Wiegand?

Yes. ACT Readers can be configured to be Wiegand.

How many input and output points available in controllers?

Each ACT Controller has two additional programable inputs and outputs.

When an employee leaves the organization, can the mobile credential be issued by other employees?

No. The mobile credential is associated with the user. If the user changes their phone, they can bring their credential with them.

Does the Vanderbilt Bluetooth solution work when the phone does not have network connectivity?

Yes. The Vanderbilt Mobile Credential App will function once Bluetooth is switched on.

Can a user belong to several user groups? When changing a user from one user group to another, what happens if there are conflicts between old user rights and newly assign user rights?

No. A user can only be in one user group. However, users can be given additional access rights using the Extra Rights function.

How do I join the Vanderbilt Aspire Partnership Program?

Contact your account manager to discuss membership options.

How do I integrate ACT software with CCTV cameras?

ACTpro software integrates with several leading video vendors. This information is on the Vanderbilt website.