DNA Fusion is developed using the latest Windows technology and utilizes a combination of both native and managed technologies to maximize speed as well as productivity.

DNA Fusion takes full advantage of Visual Studio’s C++ and .NET tools and leverages Microsoft’s remoting technologies to communicate securely across the network. Microsoft SQL Server is employed for the DNA Fusion database to permit easy connectivity, management, and synchronization across other business systems.

By combining access control, IP video management, critical communications and more, DNA Fusion is designed to provide a simple and complete security solution.

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  • Personnel & credential management

  • Fully customizable interface

  • Easy drag and drop throughout

  • Triggers and Macros

  • Advanced graphic maps

  • Photo verification on events

  • Photo ID production

  • Alarm management

  • Auto e-mail alarms and events

  • Powerful video integrations

  • Multiple Visitor Management options

  • Advanced Elevator Control partners

  • Wireless lock integration

  • Open platform database

  • Robust API for custom integrations

  • Web and Mobile solutions available

  • Authentic Mercury and Mercury Powered Panels

    Choose from a wide selection of controllers and sub-controllers, including Authentic Mercury, Mercury-based and Vanderbilt boards. All are designed to quickly and easily add doors to your new or existing system.

  • Video Management Software

    DNA Fusion offers a tight integration with all major video manufacturers to deliver a complete security solution. Call up live and recorded video on events and alarms and associate cameras with various access points and doors.

  • Visitor Management

    Pre-register visitors or groups of visitors via web interface, notify employees of visitor arrival via email, and assign temporary access and monitor visitor activity through DNA Fusion. Several integrations available, including SPLAN, STOPware and Easy Lobby.

  • Advanced Elevator Control

    Our elevator partners provide the ability to operate your elevator dispatch control through the user-friendly DNA Fusion platform. Choose from a list of manufacturers, including Kone, Otis, Schindler and thyssenkrup.

  • OpendX

    Save time by sharing DNA Fusion personnel data with Active Directory, HR, SAP, and other third-party databases with OpenDX and establish the flow of access and data across multiple systems.

  • FlexAPI

    The Fusion Flex API provides a robust mechanism for external parties to develop an interface into DNA Fusion to accomplish a myriad of tasks or receive information.

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