About two years ago, just prior to constructing its Greenfield Campus that opened last fall, Gilbert officials decided it was time to bolster their access control system districtwide and began soliciting bids for a solution that could not only streamline security across the campuses but also provide a more modern level of convenience.

Initially school officials opted to adopt a facial recognition solution they hoped would both improve security and reduce their reliance on physical credentials alone. However, they soon realized that the biometric system by itself would not satisfy their security needs.

Solutions Provided:

  1. Though Vanderbilt’s SMS access control system was initially integrated with the facial recognition solution at the Greenfield Campus, the school recently decided to do away with the biometric aspect of the system after realizing that Vanderbilt was meeting all of their access needs.
  2. The SMS platform has subsequently been deployed at the Agritopia and high school campuses as well, enabling the district to streamline its security operations, such as being able to initiate a district-wide lockdown in an instant.
  3. Both “soft” and “hard” buttons have been installed throughout all three schools which give staff the ability to put the district into lockdown and alert administrators of potential security threats. On the Greenfield Campus, 365 Technologies also integrated a panic alarm with SMS that provides every teacher with a serial numbered button that can give school officials immediate information about who initiated the alert and where an event is taking place in the facility.
  4. SMS has given the school the ability to set up varying access privileges for different individuals based on time-based restrictions and other variables, which is something they couldn’t do previously.


“Pretty much everyone has loved it. We’re always getting feedback from folks saying, ‘Hey, we want more doors added at the different campuses or more access points so we can control things even more.' The Vanderbilt software runs everything very smoothly.”

  • Barry Klontz, IT Manager, Gilbert Christian Schools.