It was important to prevent unauthorized entry into controlled areas by staff or intruders as well as ensuring that legitimate visitors (including significant numbers of VIP travellers) could progress smoothly through the site. The units needed to be reliable and compatible with most third-party readers.

Solutions Provided

  1. ACT networkable entry controllers were used as a solution. These units are working alongside biometric technology to discriminate between legitimate and unauthorized visitors, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff as well as protecting aircraft and infrastructure.  
  2. When networked to a PC, the ACTpro access system selected for this site can accommodate up to 2,000 doors and 30,000 users. 
  3. There is simple deployment of controllers on an “airlock” or holding area between pairs of doors which cannot be opened simultaneously except in emergencies. Visitors are collected and escorted by flight support staff and the practice of “tailgating” is eliminated by use of surveillance cameras. 


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