The school needed an access control system that would enable them to manage and monitor access to and from their grounds in a granular fashion. They also wanted a system that could be centrally administered and link to their existing network.

Solutions provided:

  1. Vanderbilt’s Aliro is an access control system with a simplified portfolio of hardware enabling IP at the door, as well as traditional installation methods, intuitive web browser software and mobile apps.
  2. Aliro provides system information in a smart and efficient manner. Aliro enables The Beacon school to separate, distinguish, and control certain groups using their grounds.
  3. For example, they have external lettings that come and use the site. Through Aliro, they have been able to create groups for these external lettings and control what areas they use, and lock down other areas that they don’t have permission to access.
  4. Aliro logs all access events, helping deliver greater visibility of who is accessing each area, and who is trying to access each area. This visibility greatly increases the security and safety of The Beacon’s students, staff, and visitors.
  5. Aliro has also provided a greater flexibility of access control to The Beacon. For instance, members of the cleaning staff no longer have to worry about keys or getting access to the site after-hours.
  6. Aliro utilizes a single license from setup that enables simple and efficient programming of system functions and updates. The Web interface can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, as well as its mobile applications, and provides flexibility to update the system online.


“Simply put, Aliro has been invaluable in helping us achieve our goals for site security.”

- Steve Nesbitt, Head of Networks and Support, The Beacon school.